Monday, June 16, 2014

Another week in Ghana

Dear Family,

It seems as if we are kind of in a pattern week of things to write and then the next week nothing....Sorry that we are on the off week this week.  Time seems to be blending together, and just flying by, and I don’t even know what to write about!  I still can’t believe that its coming to an end.  I feel like just last week I was sitting in the car sick from my doxy (Doxy is the malaria medicine he had to take before he left.) with no food on the way to the Salt Lake City three weeks from Wednesday I’ll be in the car on my way back from the Salt Lake airport...crazy! 

Yeah...I’m really not feeling the writing you will have to forgive me. 

Anyway, things are going well.  Kinda starting to slow down but it still going well.  I was sick a day this week, throwing up and all that good stuff.  Ghana couldn’t let me get out of here without one more go of it...ha ha.  But I’m good now, things are good, kinda been hard to realize I am going to be leaving all these awesome people here in this area.  I guess it happens every time you get transferred.  You just start to worry a bit about whether or not these people that you have come to love so much will be ok. It will be a bit scary to leave, because so many are so close...but I guess if the Lord wants these people in his church matter what they will get there.  It really isn’t us that do anything, so it doesn’t matter who is here, as long as they try their best, God can use whoever is here to do his work.  Like lets get real...He has used me for good.  If He can use me, then who can’t He use?!  That’s one thing I have really learned so much about since being here, really about my own nothingness.  We are nothing without the Lord.  He is our everything and nothing is done here without Him. 

Guess I’ll hit your questions....

How are things with K?
-still going well, kinda slow moving since we can only see him once a week.  Since out dinner lesson he really has had a lot more interest.  He can see us as who we really are, and now has a desire for himself to be as we are.  I think before he was like, “this church is crazy, I don’t want to be like that”, but now he can really see how the church and its members are.

Things with J./A.?
- James was out of town this week with some family meeting.  But, we talked with his cousin this week and he told us that he had spent a lot of time talking with J. after church last week and his words were, “he is finally coming home, he will definitely be baptized!”  So that was comforting!  We had a lesson with him earlier in the week though before he traveled, and we were able to get his wife involved in the lesson as well.  She is a bit more dedicated to their current church than J. is, but just judging how close their family is...I think there is no question that when J. comes, the wife and remainder of the family will soon follow.

You mentioned some new families last week...any thing great with them?
-nope, lots of finding this week....

World Cup stuff? What is the feeling like there?  Do you have mission rules?
-There is just more energy in the air, nothing heated at all.  Everyone watches every single match which is a downer for teaching, but nothing violent at all.  Ghana is like the worlds most peaceful country ever!  I don’t think there is anything that could get them fired up enough to actually do something, we’ll besides theft....The Ghana vs. US game doesn’t start until 10 so we will be long inside.  No rules though, nothing to be worried about.

What’s going on with campus?
-not much, it’s kinda dead.  It’s summer vacation so there isn’t much going on.

How have you seen the hand of the Lord in your work this week?
-he is still making me feel like I have a lot of time left in my mission so that I don't just die:).  I still feel like I am never coming home.

Getting good food?
-sometimes.  Lately I have started to eat more of the local food...the few things I actually enjoy at least.  Trying to get my last few tastes of Ghana food before its gone forever. 

You seemed excited about your haircut last week...was it everything you wanted it to be?
-half and half, ha ha, he used scissors, but kinda messed it up.  Its pretty uneven, but it’s not horrible.

Well I love you all so so much. you are one awesome family! 

Dad your an awesome Dad, happy late Father’s Day, we’ll do something for it in a few weeks, maybe some more fishing? 

Hope you all have an awesome week.  Be safe, love you all...


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