Monday, March 10, 2014

Pushing cars...

Dear family,

Again so sorry.  Today has been a mad house trying to get the
opportunity to email.  The cafe's are really messed up this week....
Its taken me about 45 minutes to load my in-box.....  So I am lucky I
at least got to read your email and try and send you a quick one.

Well...this week we had kind of a cool experience, we were walking down
the road and a tro tro (basically a Mercedes sprinter bus) stalled and
needed a push start to get going again.  There were some men trying to
get it rolling, and we of course hopped on back and gave them some help.
It started...drove away...and then we just kept walking.  And then...I didn’t really think
all that much about it. 

A few minutes later a silver CRV pulled over
and asked if they could give us a ride somewhere.  We were just going
right up the road...but for some reason we ended up in the back seat, I
think it was half ‘the spirit’ and half just because I wanted to ride in
my old car again! 

But...anyway I just thought it was some members that picked us up. We
told them, “We were headed to the chapel.” 
And they said, “okay which
“Wait, what? You’re not members?” 
“So, what made you want to pick us up then?”
“Well, we saw you push that dirty car up the road in your nice white shirts...
you were not a part of the car...nor did you have anything to do with it after it started...
you just kept walking...they didn't ask you to help...but you just did.  When we
saw that...we knew Christ was with you and that he would have done the
same.  And we wanted to be a part of you.” 

Wow!  I was blown away!
I didn’t think twice at all about helping to push that car, but it
touched someones heart and now they are meeting with Elder Honour and
his companion (they were not in our area).  This experience really affirmed the family
theme to me that, “by small and simple things, are great things
brought to pass.” 

It was really so cool.

On a funnier note, Elder Honour and I were asked to preside and conduct
a baptism the other day because the Bishop and all his counselors are
out of town.  So, we were at the chapel preparing and there was a bunch
of little kids that kept running into and around the chapel, so Elder
Honour closed the steel gate that goes over the doors.....Only
problem was that we didn't have keys, and our phone was dead....  So, we
were locked in the chapel that night...not all night.  Finally someone
came by and was able to let us out, but that was pretty funny!

Anyway, I’m still with Elder Johnson...but I gotta go.

Love you all so much, miss you like crazy,

Elder Bradshaw

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