Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ants in Pants...

Dear family,

I can’t even fathom how time is going as fast as is is!  I didn’t even realize it was March until last night.  I thought I just slept on my watch wrong and changed the date!  Time really is going so so fast!  Anyway we had an okay week, not really a great one, but one where I learned quite a bit.  I am feeling pretty good this week.  Kinda looking forward to transfers, I think there may be some big changes this week, so that will be kinda fun to see.  Not so much for me...at least I don’t think...but we’ll see.  Hoping for a new companion, and some more people to join the apartment.  Living with only two of you is kinda rough.  It’s nice to talk with someone else at the end of the day sometimes.  Anyway...it was another one of those weeks where it went by so fast that I don’t really know what happened.

In my study right now, I am studying both the atonement and the 3 Nephi chapters where Christ visits the people in America.  I have very much enjoyed it!  The thing that all my study boils down to is how much God really does love us.  He loves each of us at an individual level that is so incredible.  It is just amazing!  These chapters in the Book of Mormon are some of my favorites. I started studying them when I was in Tema, and I am still I think only on chapter 17 (they start on 11).  I say that just because it blows my mind how much there is to be learned and studied...in such a seemingly small amount of words.  I can spend hours, or even days on one word at a time...and I love it so much!  Honestly, if I didn’t have such a desire to have a family...I think I would study ancient language and religion...move to the Middle East or Central America and devote my life to proving that the Book of Mormon is true using concrete evidence and with more than just the spirit.  Elder Honour and I, on Mondays, listen to this guy, Daniel C. Peterson.  I don’t know...I just get so much satisfaction by how perfect the Book of Mormon is.  It’s awesome!  I wouldn’t ever really do that...but I guess I say it just because of how much I love the Book of Mormon.  It’s the most incredible thing, and everyone needs to read it more!

Is it transfers this week?  Any news about that?
-I don't think I’ll go anywhere, but I guess we will see tomorrow.

-sorry, my card is still messed up.  I’ll try and fix it today.

Funny stuff?
-Ok...ready for this? 
I was teaching a man on a bench under a tree.  During the conversation...he kept doing this horribly painful face.  He looked shocked out of his mind and then would grab his hum-hum...then say, “okay, go ahead”...He would give it another minute...then the same thing again.  Finally he says, “I’m sorry...I have so many ants in my pants that are worrying me too much, and they’re biting! Can we make it another time?!”

Holy cow! It was hilarious. I felt for the guy though...those ant bites hurt...I’m sure especially where he was having them...

Service this week?
-not really, I wish we had more opportunities to serve.

Any special mission activities?
-not right now, I hope we have a temple trip soon though...its been way too long!

Okay so sorry!  Time is out.  Sorry its a short one.  I had to email a few others today so thats why its short.  Anyway, I love you all so much.  I am safe.  I am happy.  I am doing well.  Weston emailed me this week and it looks like we will most likely be rooming together up at USU...still not for sure.  When would we need to have that figured that out?

Love you all so much,


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