Monday, February 10, 2014

'Hit the wall' week

Dear Family,

This week was kinda like the week that Zack just explained last week.  It's been kinda been like that for a while now, but this week it was probably the worst....I am so dead!  On the bright side though, I had no trouble getting to sleep;).  We have been going crazy lately!  Things are so critical right now, there is so much to do. So many people to find.  So many things to learn and study.  So much to improve on. Some weeks it just hits you and you die! haha.  This week I did pretty good until about Friday...then I died. 

Mom it was funny to see that you had mentioned a lot about health and rest this week, because it seems that both Zack and I hit the same wall this week.  My theory that I formulated is that I am just so sick of rice that I am getting sick, either from skipping meals, or eating things that are different, but not all that healthy.  We did find...a few days ago, a supermarket that is literally straight out of the states!  Like, I saw my first tub of actual ice cream in 18 months!  We are planning to go back today and get some real hopes that it will bring me back up physically to where I need to be.  Elder Honour bought some roast there the other day, and then would just eat like 3 bite sized pieces of it with his dinner and he said it made an incredible difference in how much energy he had, and how good he felt.  I think I will go get some today and see how that goes.  Its a bit pricey so I obviously won't do all that much shopping there, but I think I should be able to find a few things to get me back up to where I need to be. this.  I am not dying, or anything...I've just been a bit sick the last few days.  Like I said, I think it came from lack of good food and absolute exhaustion, but I am okay:).  


Spiritual high?
-really had a good lesson with a man named George the other day.  He has been studying with the Jehovah’s Witnesses as well.  (which by the way...are my least favorite) but we had a really good lesson about how his answer and testimony will be based on The Book of Mormon.  We then knelt down with him, and had him pray for an answer right then.  After he prayed, we all knelt there for a few minutes with our eyes closed and the spirit was just most definitely there!  It was so strong, and George definitely felt it!  HE knows that The Book of Mormon is true, but is still a bit confused about which church to join.  Which completely baffles me...but then again, Satan is good at what he does... unfortunately.....

Do you still wash your clothes by hand?
-yes :(

Serving others this week?
-helped resolve a bunch of issues between the sisters and some other missionary that had offended them, that was fun, but they are good now.  ....Sister Missionaries can be stubborn.

A lesson you learned this week?
-I finally had it confirmed to me of just how important the 'small and simple things' were in my continuing progression toward Christ.  Due to my absolute exhaustion I was a bit lax in a few of the small things that I had been doing to have the spirit in my life and as I forgot, or rather, neglected those small and simple acts I felt my progression decline at an alarming pace.  I am back on track now of course, but it was almost an exact copy of the paradigm used in Alma 37 in comparison to Lehi’s family and the use of the liahona. 

Verse 41 says;  “Nevertheless, because those miracles were worked by small means it did show unto them marvelous works. They were slothful, and forgot to exercise their faith and diligence and then those marvelous works ceased, and they did not progress in their journey.” 

I became slothful, I trusted too much in my own 'self confidence' and I wasn’t as diligent as I had been in the past with the small things...and those marvelous works began to cease.  I was quickly awakened to my own nothingness, but it was a great experience.  One that really taught me the principle, as well as at the same time confirmed the power of 'small and simple things', in helping us all on our journey to where we need to be.

How are those college kids doing?  Making progress there?
-the semester started today, so this week will be my first week really focusing on the university.

Do you ride a bike?
-we have them, but I don’t like using them.  The best people I have been able to work with on my mission, literally all of them, would have been passed by, had I been on a bike.  When I walk, I feel like I am more a part of the people, which makes me a bit more inclined to spiritual guidance on who I should talk to, or who even will talk to us. 

Can you plan a fun p-day with your district or zone...
 I spend quite a bit of time around Elder Honour and Elder Kidd when we have free time, but to tell you the truth...we really don't have enough time as it is to do all that we have to do on p-day.

Have you had a chance to share the bracelets that Elli sent you for Christmas? 
-yes, but I haven't handed out all that many, I'll send some pictures when I do.

Okay out of time, love you all.  I am somewhat healthy, but doing well, I am safe, and most of all... happy.

Love you all,


Taylor with his new companion, Elder Johnson...whose family lives in American Fork!

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