Monday, December 9, 2013

Refined through obedience

Dear Family,

Holy cow I am so happy to email today!:).  Thank you all so much for the emails, they lighten my day and make me so mappy!  

Yes, my time in the cafe has been cut down....  I think that, as our mission gets more obedient we are given the opportunity to be more and more refined in the things that aren't as obvious. When I first got to Ghana, President was asking the missionaries, to stop having girlfriends within the mission boundries, or to stop calling friends back home on your personal computer or cell phone that they had bought.  Now we are being asked to make sure our top button is done up or spend less time in the internet cafe and things like that.  It's been a cool thing to witness though.  I have seen the change and I have seen the blessings and miracles that occur when a mission, as a whole, is obedient.  Kinda stinks though, that we had to have shortened cafe that is why my letters have been a bit shorter...sorry.

The tree festival thing sounded pretty cool!  I am sure you guys made a sweet one!  You should try and send me a picute of it.  And I was so so glad to hear that the Palmer side is doing some great stuff this year.  That is such a great thing!  I was so happy to hear that!  

It is just the most foreign idea to me right now, that somewhere in the's actually cold! I really am going to die when I get home.  It rained the other night and I was so cold.  My companion was making fun of me because it really wasn't cold at all...but aparently I have just  been well adjusted to the weather ha ha.  I'll be super excited to experience the cold again though, that is going to be quite the sensation:).

I love the Friday devotionals. Yes, I love watching the movie but even more so...its just such an awesome thing to get people into the church.  This week we didnt have it due to a funeral held on the same day for a member of the stake...but this Friday we will be watching part two of 'The Work and the Glory.'

Yeah camera is working fine.  Just with the short cafe time, I am having a hard time wanting to take the time to put them on.  We have wifi at the apartment though, so I'll see if Tony will give us the password and I'll send some home:).


Most spiritual part of your week:
-This week, like I said there was a HUGE funeral!  It was for a church member that lived in Tema that had a massive influence in the revolution of Ghana.  Not like Mandela, but pretty big.  He was the founder of the reigning political party in Ghana so there was like 400 or 500 people there.  We were asked to be there to be available for contacting and help to greet people and all of that.  I happened to be standing by the door where the body was and where people would come out after they viewed the body.  Let's just say there was a lot of weaping and wailing....  There was these tribal drums and what not being played...and the spirit was not there and I just felt down.  I was thinking, what the heck is up with this death stuff, and things like that, and I just wasnt in a good mood.  But then, all of the sudden the drums stopped and the Stake Choir began singing, 'Master the Tempest is Raging'.  The whole mood changed. Just as they began to sing, the worst weaper and wailer of all...came out of the room.  As she left, my entire body was filled with a comforting tingle and warmth that filled me with joy.  I changed from being in a sad mood to having to try and calm myself down a bit because I was a bit too enerjetic and happy as I greeted all the crying people.   I know that death is not the end.  We do live after this life...and that life is going to be so much better than this one!  Like think about it, no more pain, no more sin, no more Satan, no more ski lift's going to be amazing!  I'm not excited to die, but I'm not afraid to either.  

- I got a package from the Hunter's, I think they called it a 'Halloween' package...which by the way thank you SO much!!! It was amazing!  And I got one from Grandma and Grandpa Palmer.  Don't worry. I didn't open it. I did have to put it in my suit case though because it was so tempting!

Love you all, about out of time...but you are the best family in the world,

Love you SO much,


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