Monday, September 2, 2013

West Africa Strikes Again

Editors Note:  There was a presidential election in Ghana last December… And it was contested by the party that lost the election. It has been in the court system since December… And the final ruling was announced on Thursday. 
September 2, 2013

Dear Family,

Well it was another one of those weeks...robberies and treats of war!  Each time something crazy happens on my time here in Ghana I think to myself....'that has to be it, It cant be like this always', or 'I have had my fair share of experiences, I'm probably good for a few weeks...'  but then, West Africa Strikes Again!  The election results weren't all that bad though, especially way out where we are, we were asked to be in early on the day they announced the results and be prepared to go if anything got out of hand but really it wasn't bad at all!  I never felt unsafe or like I needed to be worried or anything.  They were pretty smart about how they announced it, they said that they didn't have enough evidence to go either way, so they were not going to announce a winner but rather just dismiss the case and leave the ruling party in office.  Personally I think that is a bunch of bull crap just based on how corrupt this whole country is and how rigged the court system was but it kept everything under control so I was fine with it:).  All of the missionaries do have to go down to Accra though and be re-interviewed for green-cards and visas and immigration stuff, not sure why or anything, maybe just a little scare from all of the recent events but I'm happy with it, Ghana is finally getting some things figured out.  Before it was literally that anyone could just cross the border and live here so they got a lot of illegal immigrants, it was like the US and Mexico border but without all the fences and guards. 

Anyway with the robbery... we were in coordination meeting with the branch mission leader and we got a call from the other Elders in the apartment that we needed to come home because someone had broken in to the house.  We got home as quick as we could to find the entire house turned upside down; every drawer ripped apart, ever back pack, unpacked, suitcases scattered, they had gone through everything!  It was a pretty weird experience.  The craziest part is we had a ton of very expensive stuff in our apartment; electronics, cameras, tons of cash, and they found it all and then just left it laying on the beds and tables.  Literally money taken out of wallets and set on the table, and same with cameras, oh besides my I pod and my money...  I don't know why but that was all they took, but they did.  So I hate asking but I'm going to need to take out some money, or, I may starve;).  It was a bit of a scary night that night, we don't know if they were looking for something super specific or what, they had taken apart our water pump, they had taken light switches out of the wall, just the craziest things, oh and we didn't have a door that was fun;).  Elder McDonald said he is excited to watch that chapter of the video in heaven to see what actually happened haha.  

Well I dont know if much else really happened this week haha that was enough to experience for me at least!  I was jealous of the family trip to Jackson!  It looks like you guys are having a ton of fun.  Was the Bar-J as awesome as last time?  I remember Dad talked about the steak and ribs forever!  Thank you for the pictures I really loved seeing a small piece of the trip, know that I always love pictures.  

Oh again happy birthday Dad!  Still cant believe this is your second birthday I have been gone for!  Time is flying!  Ill make sure to pray for you and the big business deal this week!  That's awesome!  Im so glad that things are going so well!  Ha Ha Im glad that you have some witnesses on how big the moose is now;).  Elder McDonald keeps saying we will have to do an Alaska trip together and go moose hunting!

Sounds like Zack is in the field then?!  I have been praying for him like crazy!  Those first days in the field are nuts.  Phase one done though, it only gets faster from here.  

Transfers are coming again....  I'm starting to get scared that Ill be transferred.  I love this area!  Its been amazing, especially lately, our teaching pool has been incredible lately.  Everyday we find more and more awesome investigators and especially families.  Right now we are working with the Ansah family, you have heard a bit about them, their boys have come to church for the last two weeks in a row, the parents are having a bit of trouble leaving their church but they are planning on coming to church this Sunday.  We met them yesterday and they have been having family scripture study from The Book of Mormon every morning for the past four days!!  We have the Acheampong family, or I guess you could say couple.  Its a husband and wife in their 60 or 70.  They read like crazy and even last time we were visited they said that they were starting to see that the things we teach are more correct than the things the Methodist teach.  Then we have Elizabeth and her daughter Bridget, they have been to church three times and when we had our last lesson with them Elizabeth told us about the dream she had the night before where she had seen the entire lesson that we just had and that the people who taught here were the ones she needed to be in church with.  Things are great here, I'm really happy with our people and I am loving what is happening.  I have grown so much these last few months!

Well I'm quite not sure what else to write...  I love you all so so much!  I'm safe, I'm happy and everything is going well:).  I pray for you all constantly, I miss you like crazy, but I'm so glad I'm here.  It's dang hard and some days not going to lie it stinks and I want to quit, but I know its the right thing.

Love you all so much,


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