Monday, September 23, 2013

Transfer to Tema

Hello all:

(Taylor in Koforiuda...before the transfer)

Well it has happened... 

They took me away from my home... 

I loved the people in Koforidua so much.  President called me on Tuesday morning and said, "well Elder Bradshaw I have some good news and I have some bad news...bad news is your leaving the area, good news is your leaving the area.." 

President I don't know if I really see any good news in that call... I didn't really say that but I was tempted. 

Koforidua was different than any other area in the mission, it was more than just a place to serve your time for a few months and then move was my home.  It was the place I cried the most, laughed the most, learned the most, experienced the most, grew the most, changed the most, the list goes on forever!  Koforidua was more than changing investigators it was about changing a was about changing a was about changing myself.  Koforidua was not only about bringing another into the fold but it was about bringing others back.  Koforiuda is and forever will be my home away from home.  Leaving Koforidua was like leaving Alpine all over again.  It was hard... 

Anyway I'm back in Tema again.  I am actually right across the street from the MTC as we speak.  It's weird being back!  My body is still a bit confused with all that has changed.  To be totally honest, I feel almost like I took one foot out on Ghana and put it in California.  Tema is rich!!  Our land lord is white, our next door neighbors are from China.  Instead of knocking on mud huts we knock on gates of houses that are more comparable to homes of California.  Instead of walking on roads filled with taxis and tro-tros...we walk roads filled with Range Rovers, Hummers, and BMW's.  Instead of Banku we eat cheeseburgers and Chinese food.  Instead of fans we have A/C.  Instead of dreading the cold shower in the morning I wait by the door like we did at the top of the stairs on Christmas morning...for the never ending hot water.  Instead of bare cement floors, we have tile, it is the weirdest thing ever!  I honestly feel like I am on vacation and any day here they are going to drop me back into Koforidua, and to tell you the honest truth...I would LOVE that!!  A/C and cheeseburgers are nice but nothing beats the humility and sincerity of the "true Ghanaian".  Don't get me wrong though, this is a great area and I'm really excited to be here.  

Mom had some questions so for them:

Where are you?
-back where I started;).

Who are you with?
-I am with an Elder named Elder B from Ohio.  Then in the apartment we have Elder H from Australia and Elder L from Nigeria. 

-freaking small but freaking awesome!  A/C, hot water, tile floors, rumors of a possible washing machine we can use, its weird but awesome!  We are the first missionaries to live in it so its nice.

How's the companion?
-Super humble and kind guy.

How's the area?
-So different!  We are in the Asian capital of Ghana so there are Asians all over the place, Korean markets everywhere, which is cool.  I asked Missy and Mike to send me some Korean food so I can try my hand at that:). Gates and houses which makes it ridiculously hard work but then again...I got my wish, which was that if I moved...I would go to another project area, and that's what I got.  After Sunday we will have zero investigators, and no where to go but up:).

Particular challenges this transfer...
-sister missionaries in the district...

Best thing about this transfer...
-Even though the gates make the work hard they also make it awesome, people are rich so they are generally very educated so you get to work with some super correct people.

Where is Elder McDonald?
-Still in the Garden of Eden;)

How was it leaving the people?  Did you take pictures?
-It was tough, I did pretty good with the tears but there was a lot from the people that I did go and see...  Driving to the station people were running out of their homes to say goodbye, and that was really hard.  I gave your number to Evelyn Mom, and she was going to try and call you, did you get a call from some random Ghana number this week?

And how has your week been?
-long. Ha ha!  Whenever you move it feels like a long week.  But its been a good one.  The sun between here Koforidua is about like the difference between the sun in the first and second places we were in Costa Rica, its super intense here so my nose is a little red.

and...most are you?  ...doing ok?  
-Yeah I'm doing well, I was so so sad to go but other than that things are going well.

Ansah family? (We have loved all the things you have told us about them...they are so exciting!)
-the three boys were baptized this Sunday!  The parents were at the baptism and are very excited for their own:).  I need to call them tonight and see how it went.

-still doing well, traveled this week but next week should be at church again.

-no idea :/

Photo last week with the awesome candy?

(awesome candy)
-So...we were having the worst day in a long was just a down day.  We had gone to lunch.  We only had small money.  I bought my food, then I dropped it on the I was super hungry.  We decided to walk into the shell station where the manager came out and said, "come here! I want you to try some new products and see how they are!"  We went over there and he gave us an entire huge loaf of bread with this awesome chocolate Nutella-type spread and some mango drinks and was just like okay enjoy!   We were completely shocked!  We ate it and I was just so overcome with joy, not because of the bread, but it was just such an awesome little answer to prayers and the little pick-up that we needed so badly.  It was amazing. 

I went back into the manager's office and just told him thank you and he said, "wait for me I'm coming." We went out and waited for a few minutes and then he came out shook my hand and put some money in it.  I quickly gave it back to him and explained that I couldn't accept it and kind of explained why. He just kept pushing it and pushing it, then he took me and explained that it was just like "in store credit"  that he wanted to give us some stuff, but wasn't able to in front of his workers, because it was against the rules.  He told me to take it and then just spend it all and that was his gift to me and walked out.  I looked down and he had given us 40 cedis!  Thats a weeks worth of living expenses!  We went crazy and spent all of it just like he asked...and bought all of the stuff that we never get to buy on a regular basis.  It was the ultimate pick-up for that day!  But more was just a very humbling experience:).

Oh, I did meet the Cosgrave's the other night.  They were spending the night at the MTC and we were moving all the the newly arrived missionaries bags into the MTC and I ran into them.  They seem like some cool people.

Okay, I know its kind of abrupt...but I'm out of time.  I love you all. I'm doing well.  I'm safe and I'm happy.  I'm praying for you all...especially Zack!  Don't worry buddy, hang in there it gets better!:)  I can promise you that one!

Have a great week, 



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