Monday, October 7, 2013

The climb is always bumpy!

October 7, 2013
Dear Family,
I am still not quite sure what I am going to write about this week so if this is lame...I'm sorry.  I kinda feel like Dad, teach, sleep, teach, sleep...what the heck? it's Monday again!  Time really is flying by!  
This week I was unbelievably tired.  We taught lessons like crazy, here and there, here and there, but I'm just still not happy with the work being done.  I think Elder Halavaka explained it pretty well when we were on an exchange this week...he said, "change is like taking off in an airplane.  The climb is always, always bumpy and rough but when you make it up there its smooth sailing."  I just gotta hold on for the ride, do my part, and one of these days, sooner of later I'll make it up to that smooth sailing ride:).  Really though, it hasn't been that bad, I had a thought the other day that its going to be like coming home... A/C, weird food, off your spiritual high, knowing you need to do something---but you can't really figure out how because its so different than what your used to, getting lost in random neighborhoods, new things to try and figure out, dealing with girls (sister missionaries).  Wow, when I think of it like that...I'm scared to come home!  Good thing I don't have to think about that one for a while.  Anyway I really don't have much to write about....  I am so glad that Zack is doing better though.  That is so good to hear! 
Man, I was so jealous of you all the entire time that conference was going!  I was looking at the Utah time on my watch and doing the count down until conference starts....well when I thought it started, its been a while so I kinda forgot.  Any cool announcements with conference this year?  New temples?  Anything new besides all the missionaries back home getting I-pads?  Ha ha yeah I think we are quite a ways a way from that.  Our phone has a 1 inch by 1 inch black and white screen ha ha.  I am excited to see Conference though...we should watch it in about a month or so.

Yeah Mom we have really been feeling the same thing as well...members truly are the key to missionary work!  We try and try but the members of Ghana kinda lack in motivation to do missionary work unfortunately...  We have found though, that one of our best resources is our recent converts, they still have that fire and are excited to bring their friends into the church, its been cool to see someone who goes from knowing someone who learns everything...and then is right there next to you sharing it.  It's really cool, and its been really successful so far.

Yeah, Elder B is doing well.  We get along well, no arguments, no fights.  He doesn't really have much of an opinion about really anything so its kind of like walking around talking to myself all day, having to figure everything out and then not having anyone to bounce your idea off of, but it's okay.  He just agrees with no matter what I say so I thought I would test it.  I told him that I would be going on an over night exchange with the sisters this week.  That one of them would come and stay in our apartment and I would go and stay in theirs.  He spent about 5 minutes telling me how good of an idea that was...ha ha.  HE is good though.

I have taken a few photos but I am scared to put my card in the computer, you usually always get a virus...  I think the chapel has wi-fi so Ill try and send some this week.  
Yeah, we stay in Community 9.  I would have to check the house number but it is right by the Bethel Hospital.  Its a nice place though, i really like it.  Tell me if you can find it on Google Earth.

We were actually talking about some sort of district P-day activity or even a zone activity, its just really hard to find something fun to do, there is not much in Ghana ha ha.  I think we may try and take a trip to the Art Market in Accra though so we will see. 

Lexi Congratulations on the awesome dance performance!!  That is awesome!!  I am so proud of you, keep it up!

And, yes,  I love the questions, it really helps when trying to think of things to write about.

Best Part of your week?
-we really started to get things rolling this week.  We have a few people that we are starting to prepare for baptism that I am excited about.  One lesson really wasn't the best...but we ended up in a discussion with a cultist....we got out of there real quick...  Oh, and then when I was on exchanges with Elder H (who I really like) we found a frozen yogurt place that was awesome!!  Its got pretty good prices even.  It's based in Australia so he went there all the time, it was just like orange leaf...but without all of the toppings.

New investigators?
-Robert is my favorite!  We have only met with him once so I'll get more info this week...but Im excited for him.  Each week we are contacting close to 150 new people to try and get this place going...and I wonder why I'm tired;)

How are things for Emmanuel, and Sarah?  How exciting to baptize a husband and wife!  You haven't said much about this.
-They are awesome!  I really like them!  They are doing great.  I taught Emmanuel how to tie a tie this week and he showed up with it looking great on Sunday :).  I didn't really prepare them, they were kinda ready when I got to this area, so they wern't a huge focus of my letters.
 Taylor at the baptism of Emmanuel, and Sarah last week.

Did you get to see any of conference?
Funniest part of the week?
-not really a fun week, just work...
-should get it tomorrow:)

Any thing interesting?
-nope sorry I'm so boring;)
Well sorry this was such a lame letter.  I feel like I'm going to pass out from exhaustion...  I love you all so so much!  You are the world's greatest family:).
Love you all,

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