Monday, October 21, 2013

Short and Sweet

21 October 1013

Dear Family,

Okay before I forget...because I have for like a month now, I was at the MTC one night and there was a group of new missionaries that were still in the MTC outside in front.  We went over to talk with them, see where they were going all that fun stuff.  As we were talking a missionary came out, looked at my tag and says, "ah man, Elder Bradshaw I LOVE your brother!!" Turns out his name was Elder Robb?  I don't know his first name or anything but he sure knew Zack!  He talked about how much he loved and respected Zack...and how good of a person he was.  I was very very proud to be Zack's brother.  Thank you Zack, for being the kind of guy that when a friend flies all the way to Africa, and sees your brother, he will thank him for having such an awesome brother that always made him feel important and loved.  You're awesome! 
Thank you all so much for the prayers, I really do appreciate them!   And...I really do feel them.  

So, I am about out of time, I wrote Zack a good one today and that took some time.  Sorry this one may be short.  I'll try and hit a few cool points though:). 

How about some questions...

-got a package from Victor and Viki!  Thank you!  I got a letter from Elli on her typewriter that I loved...and a letter from the Pace family.

-I'll try and get some, time is limited this week...

Most spiritual part of your week?
-This week I was so excited to go to the temple, I prepared probably like I had never prepared before to go to the temple, physically, and most important spiritually. I even made a list of everything I needed to do in the morning; deodorant, tooth brush, shoes, breakfast, everything! When we first entered the session we were a bit early, I had a few minutes to sit and admire the beauty of the temple and to enjoy the peace the prevails there. As I prayed, and pondered...I felt a closeness to the Savior and to my Heavenly Father that I had never felt before, I felt almost as if I could see them sitting there watching me as I sat in that holy room. I felt their love that they had for me somuch stronger than I have ever felt. I have always know there is a God...but the thought of a supreme being was always a bit weird to me.  Not that I ever questioned that He was there...but it was just something I had a hard time imagining. As I sat in the temple on Wednesday it just made sense.  It clicked.  I could process the idea of God clearly, and simply.  Now I can say that I know more than ever, that God lives.  He is there watching over us each and every step of this crazy two years. He knows my pains.  He knows my desires.  And he knows exactly how to help me. He knows when to step in, and he knows when to let me walk alone, or at least seem as if I'm alone, in order to learn a specific lesson. He loves me, and I know it. This experience isn't easy and some days I feel as if I'm done...but that's when he comforts me and gives me the strength I need to carry on.

Funniest thing that happened?
-remind me to tell you when I get home....its one of those...

What are you learning from Elder Benans? 
-Patience, gratitude.
Tell me something fun you did for pday...
-we were supposed to do something today in Batsonaa but then we got sick...  Next Monday we should be doing a Zone P-day though.
What are some of your favorite things in Ghana?
-the people are just absolutely amazing!  Greatest people in the world!

Are there things that we could be doing to help you?
-Take care of Zack...I'll do the same.

Okay, I love you all so so much!  You are such an amazing family and I am so grateful for each and everyone of you!  Be safe.
Love you all,

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