Monday, May 5, 2014

University Missionaries

Hello all:

I had a little chat time with Taylor this morning.  He needed some information for someone to make his release arrangements.  Yay!! He said we could expect his itinerary in an email this week!  As you can guess, we are super excited about that little bit of information. 

I asked him if he can turn the 'trunky' off when he leaves the internet cafe and this was his reply:

"I am working like crazy!  I am in the center of my President's 'focus area' right now, so I am around a bunch of experienced missionaries and we are just working so hard!! I find it easier to think about home now than it was before, but at the same time I just have so much desire to finish strong that it isn't really on my mind too much. To tell you the truth it doesn't really feel like I'm coming home...There just isn't anyway that it can be so close!"



Dear family,

I really am not sure what to write about this week.  Things are going good, I feel like there isn’t all that much to report on. 

I guess we could talk about the rash.  It’s on my chest.  I am taking some pills and have some cream, but it doesn’t really seem to be working all that well.  It isn’t horrible...but when I sweat it really stings and itches.  I have a return appointment next Monday in Accra if it's not gone by next week.


How’s the investigator hunting?
-tons of it!  Basically, all we have been doing is contacting, which makes for some long days, but we have also met some really cool people!

What are you working on with your awesome new companion?
-don’t be a know it all!  I had a little revelation, I guess you could say, the other day.  I was super nervous about letting him speak in lessons and I was praying about what to do and I had a thought come into my head...almost like a voice that said, “allow room for others to speak, both for you and for him. It will teach you to rely less on yourself and more on me.”  That was kinda cool. 

Love that you are loving the campus.  How is  it going?
-it’s really cool to teach there, but we’re finding that there’s not much drive for them to come to church!

Funny stuff.
-we were playing dodge ball in the other Elder’s really long hallway and Elder Honour got smashed in the face and got a black eye...sounds bad to laugh, but it was all in fun. ha ha.

-letter from Chelsea...thanks!

Spiritual moments this week
-sustaining the prophet

Sorry out of time, love you all!  Be safe,


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