Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Week in Ghana

Dear Family,

This week was a bit of both good and bad....  I am now with Elder Clarke from
California, cool guy, totally reminds me of Chris Hall.  He is super nice...
likes long boarding a lot, so that kinda gives us something
cool to talk about in the down time.  He really likes discussing that’s been really good.  He was trained by Elder
Honour, been out about 7 months, he works super hard but humble enough
to learn.  Things look like they will be pretty good between us.  I
ts kinda strange now that the transfers have come and gone, this is probably
how it will end, here in Haatso with Elder Clarke, which is great.  I am happy with how it all
turned out though.  Elder Honour is still around, Elder Crandal (was with him in Koforidua)
came to replace Elder Kidd, things are going well.  Just weird to be at
this point now....never really thought I would....

Well, this week was actually really good.  All we did all week was
contact, which kills us physically but is really quite fun when we
find some good people.  This was probably my favorite week in Madina. 
We have really shifted our focus from where we were the past few weeks.
We moved into some areas that we’ve never been to, and
lets just say that I now know what its like to be a missionary in the
U.S.  Huge houses, gates that are about 4 times as tall as I am, guard
dogs the size of a deer, sweet cars, education levels higher than
mine, it was really fun!  I am super sunburned.  I die at nights when
my head hits the pillow.  We didn’t teach nearly the number of people
that we normally do, but I loved it!  We literally contacted roads
where every single person on that road had lived abroad for like 30+
years.  We taught at a totally different level than we have in the past...
and it was so fun!  Yes, I am SO grateful to be serving here, I
wouldn’t have it any other way.  Now I am getting the best of both worlds, the humility
and love of God of a Ghanaian and the education of an American!
Haatso is becoming my favorite area by far.  I have loved all of my
areas for their various reasons, but Hattso, I think, will take the

Next good thing this week.....Comfort and the boys were confirmed!
It was awesome, like really awesome!  It wasn’t anything different or
more special than ones in the past, but there was just something about
it.  Something so powerful, something that really hit me!  They were
confirmed and then the two boys were given the Priesthood.  It was a
great Sunday.  Besides them though, we didn’t have anyone at church
which is a bummer!  We have a ton of work to do to prepare for next
month, but I’m surprisingly really excited to do it!  I was loosing my
energy to contact...but I am so excited to get going.  I am ready to work, ready to
find, and so excited to do it all!


How was Easter?
-kinda boring, really the only  thing that was different was that we
got to sing some Easter hymns which was really great, because I love those
hymns.  My Easter count was a bit off, so I kinda had my own little
celebration a few weeks ago.

Transfer check:
-In Haatso with Elder Clarke.

Health check:
-doing well.

Food check:
-still eating some good stuff.  It makes such a huge difference!

Companion check:
- kinda already said it, things are going well though!

Best part of the week:
-Comforts family being confirmed/ordained was just so great!

Investigator check:
-starting over right now, found a few cool people, but we haven’t progressed too far yet,
kinda just first lessons hoping/working for more.

-we had cleaning checks today by the office couple, thats about it.

Need anything check:
-nope, I’m good, I should be good until I am done.  We can get most stuff here.

Spiritual moments:
-besides the confirmation not really.  I’ll pay closer attention this week.

Also.  I’m are all dying that you said that you don’t know what you would take pictures of.  Are you crazy?
-yeah sorry about pictures, things just seem pretty normal now, I'll try and do better.

Mom, my classes look great!  I trust your judgment, so really anything I
am fine with that you think would be beneficial.  The ones you sent me
look good though.

Well, I love you all so much.  I am not feeling all that well so I think
I’ll end it here.  It's nothing serious...don’t get all worried, just an upset stomach. 
Keep it up.  You're an awesome family!

Much love,

Elder Bradshaw

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