Monday, January 20, 2014

Amazing people in Tema

Dear Family,
This week I am really struggling to find something to write about.....  It seems like some weeks, some more than others, just fly by so fast that I don't even realize that a week has gone by.  We were so busy with mission tours this week, all sorts of traveling, exchanges, interviews, it was crazy!  Sorry for the lame email, in my mind...I still am thinking its about the 1st of January....
This week I got some mail from Sister Borden and the Hess family!  Thank you both so much!  I really appreciate it...more than I can explain:).  I also got the things that you sent with Elder Manns parents!  Thank you so much!  I still don't know how I get so excited about pens, shirts and shoe insoles but it was like Christmas all over again ha ha.  I even had some caramels to complete the feeling!:).  Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa Bradshaw for that!  It was like I was walking on a cloud this week, those insoles were definitely needed ha ha. 
I guess this week I'll start off with the questions, maybe that will spark some things to share...
You mentioned some of your awesome investigators going is Albert, Godwin and       Chris????  Are they still interested and progressing?
-yeah....these good people are still progressing but its just been slower than I imagined.  Especially Godwin, he is amazing...but is so hard to meet with!  He is always traveling for work, going here and there, doing this or that, that it makes it hard for him to find time to sit down with us.  The other thing is that he wants to postpone his baptism for a awhile....I was originally going to get all over him for that...'don't procrastinate the day of your repentance'... and all that good stuff...but his reasoning was incredible.  At church last week we had a lesson on being worthy and ready...always to be able to render priesthood service.  After the lesson, he said that he didn't feel like with where he was right now, that he could be committed enough to that priesthood to feel like he was as worthy as he could be.  He continued to explain to us that he has promised to do x,y, and z at his former church, and given his word that he would do it.  He felt that he shouldn't walk out on his word.  I was shocked!  Finding a Ghanian that is true to their word is like finding...okay...I wanted to put some funny thing that was hard to find, but I couldn't think of anything...lets just say its tough!  He didn't want to walk out when he had given his word, so he has still been assisting the catholic church with the things that he said he would.  And in doing so...he thought that since he wasn't giving his whole self to preparing for the Melchezidek priesthood, that he wouldn't feel as worthy as he needed to be in order to perform the things he would be asked to do.  I was even more shocked to hear that answer! Godwin is truly amazing!
Albert is still going awesome!  He has thoroughly studied, all of First Nephi and about half of Second Nephi...using the BYU religious studies manual.  But he is still wanting to be "more converted", to put it in his own words.  He heard our bishop talking about how he was concerned with all the people that have come and then left, and he didn't want to follow.  So, we have been trying to get him as converted as we that no matter what Fat Albert ain't going no where!  He is always the first person to church on Sunday though...second row:). 
Did you have your mission conference with the area authority?  When is Elder Bednar coming?  What will you get to do when he comes.  
Our mission conference this week was amazing!  Super good.  Elder Bednar, I believe will be here next week.  We are taking Godwin, hopefully, to a member/investigator meeting with Elder Bednar which should be cool!
When are transfers?  Any news about what you'll be doing?
-yeah they are Wednesday....  I hope I get a new companion, sorry I know that sounds bad, but...we'll find out tomorrow I guess.
18 months this week? 
-so so weird!
Anything funny to share?
I was on an exchange with Elder Halavaka again, and we walked past this group of little kids, who looked terrified out of their minds.  The kid that looked to be the ring leader it looked like, was saying to the other kids "don'", in the most hushed tones.  He was scared!  Elder Halavaka turns around and asks, "afraid of what?" the big-kid leader fell over in fear and about started to cry as the rest of kids scattered!  I guess two white guys walking down the pretty scary;).
Well, I love you all so much!  Things here are good.  Not always great, but there's times I can't contain my joy and that makes all the bad times seem like nothing! 
I love you all more than I can tell you.
Be safe, have fun,

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