Monday, November 11, 2013

I've left one foot in Koforidua

Dear Family,

I am not quite sure where to start this usual.  It was an okay week, a bit of a hard one...but also one where I finally started to get some things figured out.  Lately the work in Tema has been, really suffering.  I don't know what it is.  We try new tactics each week,but it just doesn't seem to pick up.  I can't say that Tema is a bad area, because its's just one that I am having a hard time figuring out how to keep moving.  It is a tough area I will give myself that much, its different than any other area in Ghana in terms of the way that you will do contacting, the way you will teach, the way you work with members and honestly...I really am struggling with figuring it out.  I can't really say that I like the area all that much to be honest with you but I think even that is starting to change.  This week...even just this morning I had the realization that one of my feet was left in Koforidua.

I don't know if I ever told you this...but when I was in Koforidua I was praying once for some answers and comfort as to where I would be in the coming transfer.  I was a bit nervous and reluctant to leave what was then my new home. As I prayed, I opened my scriptures and it fell to a place in the D&C.  It said something along the lines of, "your work in the eastern regions is finished, nevertheless, you are called to continue your labor in the southern regions." I read that and knew immediately that I would be transferred back to Accra.  Not going to lie, I was a bit bummed.  It's pretty obvious how much I loved serving in Kofoidua. When I first had this experience I never really thought all that much about it.  It was something that I kinda just brushed off and took as a little warning as to where I was going.  But this morning, as I was washing my clothes, it was called again to my memory and a feeling of peace washed over me (no pun) that truly it was divinely inspired that I was supposed to be in Tema. I may not love it as much as my past place of service...YET...but I know its where I am supposed to be and where the Lord would have me. I also know that as I work as hard as I can and put as much of my heart, soul and energy into the work here that love for this area will come just as strongly as it did in Koforidua. Yes Koforidua was awesome and I love it so so much, but Tema can also be awesome.  I think that Koforidua was so awesome because of how I learned to work in that area.  The work wasn't easy, but I enjoyed it because of the spirit that I felt doing it.  I knew the importance of the work that I had been called to do there and was happy as I saw it grow.  Koforidua was the same when I started my time there, the work was hard, I was down on myself and not feeling the spirit like I wanted to.  Even when I first started with Elder McDonald, I wasnt happy and hit probably one of my lowest lows, but that lowest low was followed by my highest high. Each area comes with its own set of challenges, I just need to figure out how to overcome them here.  Right now...I'm about dying, but I know that just before I die is when God steps in and we get things done. 
Elder Nondala is doing well.  He got some blisters on his feet but who didn't when they first got here?  ha ha.  He and I get along very well. He is getting a bit discouraged with the slump in the area but he will get it.  Elder Halavaka is doing well and said to tell everyone hello.  He and I have become pretty good friends over the last few months, he is a great guy.  Yeah we all four work in the same ward, Tema ward 2.  Its a pretty sweet ward.  Probably my favorite ward out of all my areas, they are pretty eager to do the work when you push them a bit.  Ha ha I don't know what else to say about Elder Nondala, he really is a cool guy.  He liked body-building back home...whenever he tells people that they say, "you don't look like you are very good at it though!" (he really isn't big at all), so he stopped telling people that ha ha.  He is really humble though.  He has desire to work hard, a little more so when people actually want to talk to us ha ha.  Training him and Elder McDonald is so different!  I love them both and love different things about each of them.  And even though South Africa is so much different than the rest of's still Africa, so he is a little more used to the living style, the washing the clothes in a bucket, the way the transportation is, things  like that.  But that is also kinda nice. Elder McDonald was a blank slate and anything I said he followed...wanting to learn, he is like a little copy of me. Elder Nondala has his own way of doing things, he had an idea of what missionary work was and yes, he does take my advice but mostly does what he wants.  He just came with more experience.  Elder McDonald was on a quest with me to be obedient, Elder Nondala is a little more on the side of obedience being a hindrance still.  He's an awesome guy and willing to obey when I ask him...but sometimes I just get tired of being the Nazi missionary.  I said something about home the other day and Elder Mabizela let out a sigh and said, "ah I'm glad that you are somewhat human and not just this super missionary all the time, telling us about this rule or that rule, or talking about investigators or the work all the time".  K...I'm not saying I'm a super missionary, but I just realized how much I truly have turned into a missionary since being here. Of course I think of home...but its almost just like sweet memories.  I almost feel like I'm not going to come home some days and that this is just my new life.  Today we went to the market, which is in the bad part of town and I felt more at home there than when I was in the nice part of town.  It was weird that speaking Twi, being around small shacks, in the busy, unorganized streets of Ghana felt better than the A/C, nice homes, hamburgers, and proper roads of my new area.  I just can't imagine the shock of coming home. 

Anyway I am about of time :/  I love you all so much.  I probably seem a bit down but honestly I am doing well today, we went and explored the market and I had a great day.  I really felt the spirit today, chills and all!  I have such a desire building inside me to just kill it this week and I am. So. Excited!

Love you all,


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